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The Power of Employee Longevity : Debbie Shaw-Franke

Highlighting Industry Leaders: Debbie Shaw-Franke

Debbie Shaw-Franke

"There is no better testament to a company's mission, vision and culture, than the longevity of its employees. We have that at Enterprise; our long-tenured associates and their expertise are one of our main strengths. I am honored to work for Enterprise and at the end of the day, know that we are making a difference in the success of the businesses and the owner families that we serve. There are many banks that myself and my colleagues could work for, but we call Enterprise home because of the great gratification of helping our clients and the great corporate culture we have internally. Outstanding client service and guiding families to a lifetime of financial success are etched in the DNA of Enterprise since our founding in 1988." - Debbie Shaw-Franke

Debbie Shaw-Franke is the Vice President at Enterprise Bank & Trust. She has been with the company for over 23 years, demonstrating her own longevity and commitment to the organization. Her experience and dedication make her insights particularly valuable.

The Significance of Employee Longevity

Employee longevity is often overlooked as a metric of success, but it is a powerful testament to a company’s mission, vision, and culture. When employees stay with a company for an extended period, it indicates that the company’s values resonate with them and that they feel a sense of purpose and belonging.

Building a Culture that Fosters Longevity

Creating a culture that fosters employee longevity requires more than just competitive salaries and benefits. It involves building a supportive environment where employees feel valued and heard. Companies should strive to align their actions with their stated values and ensure that these values are reflected in their daily operations.

Debbie's insight underscores the importance of employee longevity. As her own career demonstrates, when companies invest in their employees and cultivate a supportive culture, they not only retain talent but also create a strong foundation for their own long-term success.

Enterprise Bank and Trust

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