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Capstone Clients

Capstone M&A focuses on the mid-level market. Our sell-side clients generally fall into the $1MM to $20MM range of value. As a company, we are industry agnostic, putting all our focus on the confidential process of buying and selling a business throughout North America. 

Capstone M&A emphasizes the need for readiness. Our observations indicate that many businesses that are currently on the market are not ready to be sold. Therefore, every Capstone client undergoes a process of identifying their strengths and weaknesses ahead of the sale process. The bedrock of our foundation is founded in creating a better client and in return creating better results for those clients.

Our engagements are positioned to serve all segments of the market which we define as individuals, strategics, and financial buyers. Please contact us today for more information about our current opportunities.  

*The following deals have been closed by a member of Capstone M&A and are presented for informational purposes only.

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