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Highlighting Industry Leaders: Kevin M. Short of Clayton Capital Partners

Updated: Jun 27

At Capstone Mergers & Acquisitions, we believe in learning from the best in our industry. In this spirit, we are excited to shine a spotlight on Kevin M. Short, the Managing Partner and CEO of Clayton Capital Partners, a renowned investment banking firm based in St. Louis. Kevin is a recognized authority in the field of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and his expertise is widely sought after by business owners looking to sell their companies for maximum value.

Kevin Short Book

Beyond his role at Clayton Capital Partners, Kevin is also an accomplished author. His book, Sell Your Business For An Outrageous Price, is a must-read for any business owner contemplating a sale. In it, Kevin shares invaluable insights to help business owners secure the best possible price for their business. His practical advice stems from years of hands-on experience and a deep understanding of market dynamics.

Kevin M Short

One of Kevin's key pieces of advice is the importance of preparing for due diligence before the sale process begins. According to Kevin, "Preparing for due diligence before the sale process begins saves time during the sale process and thus reduces the risk of a failure to close." This proactive approach not only streamlines the transaction but also enhances the likelihood of a successful and profitable sale.

Learn More About Kevin M. Short

Kevin's impact on the M&A landscape is profound, and his expertise continues to benefit countless business owners. To learn more about Kevin and his endeavors, including his work at Clayton Capital Partners and insights from his book, follow the link below.

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