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Highlighting Industry Leaders: Brian Rogers Attorney at Blue Maven Law, LLC

Updated: Jun 27

Brian Rogers is an attorney with the heart of an entrepreneur. He recognizes that businesses demand substantial investment, not just financially, but emotionally as well. Brian’s passion for small business and his deep empathy for entrepreneurs, combined with his legal expertise and business acumen, make him exceptionally suited to support your business's creation and growth.

Blue Maven Law Brian Rogers

"Every business owner has to choose the type of entity they will establish through which to conduct their business. This choice can have important implications on how the business is taxed, how it will be permitted to raise capital, and how easy it will be to sell the business when the business owner decides to exit. Clearly, this is an important decision."

-Brian Rogers

Since 2003, Brian has delivered effective legal services to numerous business clients at major firms. In 2014, he fulfilled his entrepreneurial dream by founding Blue Maven Law, LLC, an enterprise grounded in principles that foster business development and growth. These principles reflect his own values in both his professional and personal life.

To learn more about Blue Maven Law, click the link below.

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