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Capstone M&A is pleased to exclusively represent CMA102 (the “Company”) in the sale of its business. CMA102 has a 20+ year history of service within the Midwest region. Traditionally, the model has focused on events and occasion-based services, but additional market sectors are immediately available. The equipment and vehicles are extensive, well-maintained, and included in the overall asking price. The current ownership group is turning away inquiries simply due to lifestyle preference, but new ownership could expand by increasing operational hours and widening service areas with no capex required. The owner is willing to mentor and will be available for training and for the right arrangements, is open to being employed post-sale and some seller financing.

Equipment: CMA102 has a fair market value of company vehicles estimated at $700,000 (included in the purchase).

SOP’s: During their 20+ years of history, CMA102 has documented standard operating procedures. These procedures extend to the customer service experience and to maintenance of company vehicles. The documentation is included in the sale and lessens the reliance needed for owner operator position.

Market Segment: CMA102 choses to focus on a 30-mile radius within the greater St. Louis market. The company is constantly recognized for their customer service and expansive online presence.

Growth Strategies:

Expand the service area.

Another reason for deferring business tends to be founded in the customers’ proximity to headquarters. However, offering an increased rate based on time and travel could boost top line revenues for a more ambitious ownership group.

Transfer services and Airport runs.

Single transfer and airport runs are a lucrative service, and something that has not been offered by A Perfect Touch Limousine. 80% of all customer bookings are scheduled for after 5pm, while roughly 50% of all airport run inquiries are during daytime hours. No additional equipment needed.

Increase operating hours.

The current ownership group has reduced services time to cease at 2am. The company receives numerous inquiries for later runs but chooses not to capitalize due to their own personal preference.


Digitize SOP’s.

All processes and procedures are well documented. However, incorporating additional technology into the operation could assist with efficiency and help to encourage scalability.

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