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Capstone M&A CMA101

Capstone M&A is pleased to exclusively represent CMA101 (the “Company”) in the sale of its business. CMA101 sources new innovative products for life science and R&D programs. Most of the suppliers are overseas and have become largely reliant on access to US markets. The core customers are Government Agencies, Universities, Hospitals, and Pharma Biotech. As an operation, the employee demands are relatively straightforward and further guided by the company’s documented SOP’s.


Product Overview: CMA101 offers a variety of products and applications. The Molecular Biology segment is the most sought after, making up 70% to 80% of total sales. Followed by Drug Discovery and then Cell Biology. All products are purely for basic and preclinical research and do not require FDA regulation.

Customer Overview: During the 2023 calendar year, CMA101 fulfilled over 1,200 customer orders and the top 10 customer accounts by revenue for 2022 and 2023 did not exceed 50% of total sales. A short list of customer examples includes Texas A&M, Columbia, Yale, UCSF, St Jude Children’s Hospital, Vertex, Moderna, Regeneron, Bayer, John Hopkins, NIH, AstraZeneca, and Novartis.

Market Segments: The most recent segments of the markets include Cancer Research, Cardiovascular Research, Cell Biology, Drug Discovery, Epigenetic Research, Genomic Analysis, Infection & Immunity, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Neuroscience, Protein Technologies, Tissues & Biospecimen

Distribution & Logistics: CMA101 handles all shipping and packaging on site. This includes two overseas companies where CMA101 acts as a “management company”.

Growth Strategies: Implement a sales presence. CMA101 continues to market their offerings via email campaigns but has never made sales a priority. In addition, ample opportunities exist to offer “management company” services to other organizations in need.

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