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Capstone M&A is pleased to exclusively represent CMA100 (the “Company”) in the sale of its business. CMA100 This multi-faceted wellness company has established multiple lines of both private label and proprietary products. There are copyrighted materials that accompany the various SKU’s as well. The foundational aspects of this operation have been strategically built around targeting practitioners, however, with the recent addition of FDA approval, ample opportunity has been created to sell direct to consumers. Mentorship and training are available post sale.


Manufacturing: In total, CMA100 has 26 SKU's currently being produced throughout seven different high quality manufacturing facilities. Each facility has its own purpose based on the product’s needs.


Proprietary Products: With a 1,097% profit margin (approximately $55.00 profit per unit), the leading protocol represents approximately 65% of total company revenue. This simple yet effective protocol has been used by 200,000+ people. Results are supported by a blinded 573-participant retrospective analysis of participant results (available upon request).


Operational Highlights: Currently operating with a total of four employees resulting in average revenue generation of $1,000,000 and an estimated $500,000 in net profit per employee.


Very little effort is spent on marketing and advertising.


The overall focus on customer experience begins with dedicated onboarding implementation where the Client Services Director initiates educational training for company SOP's. 


CMA100’s back office can monitor the ordering process for reprove but has chosen autonomy as best practice. This includes automated call recording and copies of text messages between the company and its clients.

Intellectual Properties: CMA100 holds a variety of useful IP including US Trademarks, US Copyright Registrations, FDA Registrations, and Canadian NPN.

Growth Opportunities: Expound on the existing success of selling direct to practitioners by hiring outside sales representatives. CMA100’s market share represents an estimated 2% of total units within a $20BN industry leaving ample room for greater penetration.


Utilize existing product lines or rebrand formulas to penetrate new markets.


Sell direct to consumer further penetrating the $50BN market cap of supplementation. Historically, CMA100 has not ventured into retail sales, health-related or vanity verticals as the current model deals exclusively with practitioners. This aspect of sales is made possible by the FDA registered formula. Selling direct could be optimized through the existing website and various third-party platforms. 

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