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When considering the liquidity event of your company, it is normal to have more questions than answers. The business sale process is not a linear one, however, Capstone M&A has developed a structured pathway to intentionally mitigate the snares. Whether you as the business owner are wanting to explore the value of your company or you have arrived at the crossroads of being ready for exit, Capstone M&A can provide value. We’re prepared to help with issues relating to confidentiality, marketing, negations, and even family dynamics. Yet, with Capstone M&A, you remain in charge while we offer the insights into best practices based on years of experience.


We continually curate an expansive list of companies that are prepared and available to be acquired. They range in value from approximately $1MM to $20MM and are located across the United States. Our sell-side clients are mostly agnostic in industry. However, we have become very familiar with niche service providers, manufacturing, distribution, transportation, technology, and various medical sectors. We are a results-based firm, and the mission is supported by subjecting our sell-side clients to extensive pre-market assessments designed to maximize the odds for successful transactions.


If are you seeking to grow, scale, or diversify your core business, and you are finding it difficult to locate the right opportunity to acquire, Capstone M&A can assist. Having worked with hundreds of sellers, we know how to identify owners who haven’t yet pursued a sale. Our average buy-side engagement generates nearly 100 conversations which we use to narrow the field. The process is extensive, and we create value in both aspects of qualitative and quantitative.  We’ve negotiated hundreds of transactions that achieve both buyer and seller goals and set up companies for success.

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Capstone Mergers and Acquisitions was established to effectively streamline the confidential business sale process. Our 65-years of collective experience has provided the vantage point of best practices. As the result, we’ve adopted sophisticated solutions for complicated issues, ones that are frequently encountered throughout the transition of ownership phase. 

Historically, intermediaries are accustomed to making their clients available to an existing market, whereas Capstone M&A thrives to create the market for every client. This left-of-center vibrato is executed only by the hand of intentionality and precision.   

With the assistance of our experienced advisors, extensive proactive marketing efforts, and our proprietary exit readiness process, our objective can be measured in the results we provide.

*The following deals have been closed by a member of Capstone M&A and are presented for informational purposes only.

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